Hi, I’m Karla, Owner of Bella Amor Intimates; a luxury lingerie and ready to wear brand. I’ve always been fascinated and inspired by strong, powerful, glamorous, and confident Hollywood “Sex Symbols”. I’ve have been wanting to own a lingerie boutique for a while now and finally decided to do so. In early 2020, Bella Amor launched with an e-commerce flagship, the collection debuted on bellaamorintimates.com. I am beyond thankful to be in the beginning stages of developing my brand and products, with plans to grow and expand to a flagship boutique.

Bella Amor wants to empower women of all ages, body types, and backgrounds to feel and look sexy. We want our customers to explore, embrace, and celebrate their femininity & sexuality with all of our luxury lingerie pieces. We believe that women should dress up how they want all the time, whether they want to cover up or not. So we have different styles to choose from for everyone’s comfort level. Bella Amor prides itself on providing luxury quality lingerie with affordable prices. My goal is to have my customers put on their Bella Amor lingerie and feel sexy and confident in their own skin. You can dress up for yourself, or even for a very lucky person.

Thank you so much for checking out Bella Amor, your new favorite lingerie boutique. I hope you enjoy shopping and indulging in some beautiful lingerie.

Much love,